Tech PR from Berlin

Communications consultancy and B2B press relations for companies and start-ups from the technology, innovation, digitalisation and digital economy sectors.

Sustainable communication for products and services in need of explanation - this motto is my guide in bringing complex issues precisely to the point.

I help you bring about authentic communication with the people who are crucial for your business success. So that your customers see and understand what you offer.

Effective communication for your success

I advise you on your corporate communication needs, develop an effective strategy with you to solve your communication tasks and implement them operationally.

For clients offering technology-driven solutions

My focus is on communications support for clients in the technology, high-tech, ICT, innovation, digitalisation, digital transformation and digital economy sectors. What they all have in common is that they have a technology-driven portfolio with a resulting need for communication.

Take advantage of my all-round expertise

I am a communication expert for products and services that require explanation and for complex content and issues. I have acquired an all-round expertise that is based on 20 years of strategic and operational professional experience: Thanks to my activities as a journalist, as a public relations officer and as a corporate press spokesperson, as an agency PR and as an independent expert in B2B communication, I have become familiar with all facets of public relations from all perspectives.

Benefit from my qualified network of advisors

Together with my experienced network partners, I will offer you long-term and individual support: from the first consultation and the development of strategies and concepts, from the implementation of communication measures to critical support in the event of a crisis.

... established in the German market in all press-related topics... “

"Thanks to her proactive and strategic way of working, Sabrina Ortmann has achieved the goals set for her, which allowed Beekeeper to establish itself in the German market in all press-related topics. Her accurately researched and linguistically polished professional articles and press releases, the publication of which has also contributed to establishing contacts with important clients, always leave an impression. Sabrina Ortmann always goes the extra mile, builds relationships with important journalists and helps us get covered by the relevant media. Thanks to Sabrina Ortmann, press relations are the core of our marketing strategy! Thank you for the great cooperation! “

Roxy Morris
Senior Field Marketing Managerin Germany
Beekeeper AG

Dr. Christian Knebel
Managing Director
publicplan GmbH

... press relations an integral part of our company's strategy ... “

"Working with Sabrina Ortmann allowed us to make press relations an integral part of our company's strategy. Among other things, the goal was to enhance our visibility and reputation as an e-government expert in Germany. We achieved this by focusing our PR on our core competence of open source software. This also sets us better apart from our competitors. At the same time, our press work sharpens our profile as an expert in the digitalisation of the public sector. Sabrina Ortmann lets us draw on a broad network of editorial offices and journalists. With her years of expertise as a journalist and in the e-government field, she knows how to place our messages in the press. “

„ ... really impressed by her technical storytelling ... “

„Sabrina Ortmann is great to work with – always responsive, adaptable and engaged. Her ability to truly understand a company’s message and technology even with the shortest of briefs, is a real asset. And her technical storytelling is something we’ve been really impressed by! “

Hannah Patel
Director – UK
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Communications

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